// Print Design Work

2016 bumper stickers

mc chris bumper stickers for 2016. Printed at Night Owls Print Shop.

throwback buttons packaging

Stranger Things style packaging seen here irl. Printed at Night Owls Print Shop.

mc chris is dreaming CD & LP

Gatefold sleeves with artwork printed through the center. Cover artwork and brain maze by MC Wolfman. CD inlucdes an 8-panel lyrics insert. LP includes a 12" lyrics sheet (not shown).

mc chris foreverrr CD

Tri-fold CD package with 2 discs and a lyrics booklet, featuring cover artwork by Marvel Comics artist David W. Mack. Lyrics booklet is 32 pages with almost 300 photographs.

mc chris foreverrr LP

Giant triple vinyl LP with photos and a photoshopped painting inside, and a 12" insert with notes and lyrics. Same cover as the CD.

race wars CD

I created the metal cover and spare tire disc for race wars. The included movie poster was made with fan submitted photos, then painted by David W. Mack.