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2021 update!

Reddit user Gimmick5000 made instructions!

download the .pdf

Poseable AT-ST

This is the "Poseable AT-ST" design I submitted to Lego Ideas in 2014. For the most part it is unchanged from my last update there.

I have made one minor alteration to the railing in front of the hatch, and changed the hatch itself from dark grey to medium grey in LDD.

Ideally the entire thing would be in medium grey. Dark grey was used where I didn't have medium on hand in 2014.


The model is broken up into 9 components in LDD that can be quickly assembled by following the steps in the photos included in the .zip file.

If you make any cool modifications to this design I would love it if you shared them with me on reddit. You can also contact me there if you have any questions.